B2B Marketing Basics: Using Twitter, Youtube & Facebook Wisely

Twitter, the world’s largest microblogging service is the easiest way to quickly share important news with the world… and hurrying businessmen. This network allows users to communicate via short messages and refer to important web pages. Twitter offers a set of handy tools for B2B-marketers. In particular, you can discover potential consumers and group them into private lists. By tracking users’ messages, you’ll learn about their interests and preferences. This is the first step towards effective interaction with a future partner.

The success of B2B-marketing depends on three key factors – reputation, the ability to influence the audience with ideas and brand awareness. Twitter can be used for the development of each of the components. The following features explain the efficiency of the marketing techniques it offers:

  • Hot news often appear on Twitter
  • Twitter users often communicate with each other in real time, which turns it into a form of online chat with enhanced functionality
  • Using the Twitter app for the smartphone, you can carry live coverage of any event

Event marketing is among the most effective sales tool in a segment of “business to business”. The search algorithm and the use of Twitter hashtags allows event organisers to quickly disseminate information about conferences, workshops, seminars and other events.

There’s a point of view that in non-global campaigns in most cases Twitter references have less weight than Google+ publications. In addition, Twitter users often ignore posts compared with an audience of other networks. You can easily find potential customers here, but that does not mean that they will interact with you. Finally, many users find microblogging service overspammed with useless links, so if you are dealing with sophisticated niches, you should definitely take it into account.

YouTube – the most important instrument B2B-Marketing

Online video is one of the most effective tools for content marketing. In turn, YouTube, owned by Google, is definitely the best platform to publish video content as a part of B2B-marketing campaign. The properly marketed, high-quality videos published on this resource can attract the audience and generate leads (there are plenty of educational niche examples demonstrating incredible conversion rates). The video quality in this context means interesting, memorable, nutty and helpful materials for the audience. The platform offers a comprehensive set of backend statistics and analytics instruments, so you can always count on laser precision numbers.

Facebook – a heavyweight B2C-Marketing

The biggest social network in the world is undoubtedly one of the best platform for marketing in the B2C segment; however, it can be used as a platform for B2B-campaigns. HTP Digital, the company specialising in B2B digital marketing campaigns in UK, admits 8 out of 10 their B2B campaigns demonstrated positive ROI.

Business pages and thematic communities are the main instruments of B2B-marketing on Facebook. In addition, the owners of the business pages have access to effective email-marketing tools, boasting stunning targeting capabilities. The development of relations with business partners and direct B2B-sale can be carried out with the help of Facebook, yet it is always a tough mission to take.

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